Gold's Gym Franchise
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Bodybuilders training outside on Muscle Beach were the first customers for the original Gold's Gym when it opened in Venice, California, in 1965. With its intense, no-frills atmosphere, the gym soon became known as the 'Mecca of Bodybuilding.' Arnold Schwarznegger's movie 'Pumping Iron' focused on Gold's Gym, propelling it into the spotlight in 1975.
Its facility offers full cardio equipment, weight machines plus a large dedicated area for all free weights and Smith machines. 
The  gyms have over 4000 registered users.  The gyms offer yoga, cycling, boot camp and many other classes.

 Energy Efficiency:

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Address: Delaware City 232 Fifth Street
City: Delaware / General
State/Province: Delaware
Country: United States of America
Zip Code: DE.10056
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