• How do I use the site to find a property for sale?

Leskad is designed to make is as easy as possible to search business and residential real estate we have given many filter options to filter results to make your search more effective and time saving.

  • How do I find out more about a property for sale?

If you want further information about a property for sale you must contact the seller or the seller’s representative (an agent, broker or intermediary) by completing the contact form at the foot of the property advert page. Explain clearly and honestly why the property interests you and, if applicable, that you are in a position to buy and your enquiry is likely to be prioritized.

All messages to sellers are delivered through the Yoehow email system. The seller will reply to you directly.

The information visible on the property advert is all the information PropertySales.com has on the property in question. We are not a broker or an intermediary. We are an advertising medium, like a newspaper or directory, but on the web.

Please note: the seller may then request more information from you before disclosing further information about the property.

They may also ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement. Some agents require that you sign a confidentiality agreement before they disclose further information about the property for sale. Also called a non-disclosure agreement, this protects the seller against the risk of confidential information, such as financial records, falling into the wrong hands – i.e. the press or competitors.

A seller may even want to meet a prospective buyer before they release confidential information.




In the upper right corner from our home page you will see two buttons “login/sign up” and “post ad” the left button “login signup” will let you true the registration page wish takes 1 minute to complete.

The right button “post ad” will let you to the package deal’s we offer and you can choose which package will fit you best.

How do buyers contact me?

Buyers send an email directly to you by completing the ‘Contact Seller’ form at the foot of your listing.

All messages from buyers are delivered to you through the Yoehou email system. You can screen all messages before replying.

How do I monitor/improve my listing?

You can sign into your account at any time and monitor all enquiries made on your listing. You can also update your personal details and amend or upgrade your property listing.

How do I renew my listing?

The advertising period lasts for four month’s to one year.

We will send you a email reminding you how long you have until the advertising period expires.

Two weeks before your advert expires we will remind you.

You can renew your advert after it has expired without having to re-enter all the information, because we retain adverts on our secure records for a period after their removal from the site.